Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

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Rescue Volunteer Reports from April 8 2011 Incident at SoCo

More statements from eyewitnesses with animal shelter experience.    

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Firefighter Reports from April 8 2011 Incident at SoCo

4 fire departments responded to the April 8 2011 stove-top fire in Bennett’s home.  Each company filed a report, and noted the horrendous conditions the dogs were forced to live in.  They also noted that “over 100 dogs” were on the property that was licensed for a maximum of 70 dogs.  The SoCo website only […]

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Formal Complaints Filed against Southern Comfort Rescue

April Mueller constantly told fundraisers and potential donors that reports of complaints were “fabrications” by a “jealous photographer”.  Yet again, Mueller is caught in a lie. Complaint #1.   Complaint #2:

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Photos of SoCo ‘Rescue’ and victims

This dog was taken from Soco by a REAL rescue, Pet Rescue By Judy in Sanford, Florida.  Like many of the dogs taken from Soco, he needed emergency medical care.  Unfortunately his eye could not be saved.  Several months later, SoCo received a formal complaint about dogs with eye infections on the property.  We’re not […]

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Corporate Filings for Southern Comfort Rescue

Bennett claimed to have been part of the Southern Comfort Rescue for “over 10 years”.  The records tell a very different story. Filings between 2005 and 2010 have no mention of Bennett.  He first appears in March 2011, and by the end of May 2011 everyone who had previously been involved, including Terry Wolff, had […]

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Reality Rescue Festival Brochure

  Sponsors of Shame

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Georgia Releases Consent Order against Southern Comfort Rescue

A consent order between the State of Georgia on Southern Comfort Animal Rescue (SoCo) owners has been released.        

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