Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

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Cash Hungry Southern Comfort Rescue has hand out yet again

With 10 years of collecting money from donors and still not one humane shelter area built that’s not exposed to heat/cold/sun/mosquitoes, Southern Comfort is expanding efforts to cheat animal support donors into supporting the owners’ lifestyle while the dogs live in filth, suffer, and die. SoCo now makes daily posts self-congratulating posts to keep the […]

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SoCo Rescue Caught Double-Dipping donations with Sponsored Dog

An alert pet rescue volunteer sent us a tip about yet another SoCo fundraiser that raises eyebrows and quite possibly violates the terms of the IRS Charity certification. SoCo has only been re-opened a few weeks, and recently had tens of thousands of dollars dumped upon them by the Virginia event “Reality Rescue Fundraiser”, yet […]

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SoCo Rescue still “spinning” facts regarding Georgia STOP Order

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we’ve been falling behind in keeping this site current, so look for a lot of “catch-up articles”!  There will also be a couple more people coming on board to keep things current. There are a lot of animal lovers in Georgia and across the USA who have […]

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Mueller & Bennett hire attorney David Murphy to harrass SoCo Rescue Whistleblowers

The SoCo ‘Rescue’ owners absolutely hate it when people ask tough questions about their operation, such as ‘how many dogs are in your care now’, ‘why does the State of Georgia say your permit was suspended’ and the question that really sent them ballistic, ‘can I see a photo of your kennels‘. In the past […]

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Charges filed in ‘Vancouver Dog Slaughter Case’; SoCo should be Worried.

Charges laid for mass slaughter of Whistler sled dogs in 2010 “The approval of charges is a huge step towards justice for the sled dogs who lost their lives, said Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).”  This case involves 54 dead dogs […]

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SoCo begging for even more money… where does it all go?

Just months after making a windfall on from reality stars at the ‘Reality Rescue Festival’, SoCo owners are begging for money once again. With all of the money collected over the “10 years of operation” and yet still nothing more for the dogs than a wire cage and a mass graveyard, one has to wonder […]

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More Mueller Lies Exposed – the Invitation

April Mueller’s list of lies regarding her fundraiser is extensive and ever-evolving, but one that we’ve heard consistently is that she has told anyone who could listen that the reports of dead and sick dogs and horrible conditions at SoCo were “made up by a photographer who is jealous that he was not invited to […]

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Statement by Judy’s Pet Rescue – the group that SAVED dogs from SoCo’s graveyard

The statement below is from the owner of the rescue that took in approximately 30 of the dogs taken from the April 2011 bust of “SoCo Rescue”, shortly before SoCo was shut down by the authorities for inhumane conditions.  SoCo owner Scott Bennett has made frequent claims that these dogs were “happy and healthy”, and […]

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