Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

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The Questions Scott Bennett Refuses to Answer about Southern Comfort Rescue

In early April 2012, Bennett and Mueller hired Los Angeles attorney David Murphy to send a threatening letter demanding that the facts about the disastrous history of Southern Comfort Animal Rescue and Reality Rescue Festival be kept quiet because it might slow down the donation cash cow if donors knew the truth. Both Mueller and […]

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SoCo Supporter attacks Georgia shelter

Tamara Barnes is an Oregon based cat hoarder with 60 cats in her home (that she admits to).  She uses at least 2 names and at least 2 email addresses to pretend to be multiple ‘people’ online, and post how ‘wonderful’ SoCo Rescue is and post false and misleading statements about the SoCo Rescue in […]

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