Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

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Bennett Makes Payment on Fine He Claims No Knowledge Of

SoCo owner Jeffrey Bennett clings to the odd and untrue story that his hoarding operation was shut down because of his stovetop fire, and the officials “just wanted to give him time to make repairs”. Anyone who has read the Revocation Order or the Consent Order knows this is pure nonsense. Not only are the […]

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Loonie Farms & SoCo Rescue: Too Many Similarities To Ignore

First, read about the massacre at Loonie Farms “Rescue”, then compare the situation there with the situation at SoCo “Rescue”. ARTICLE: Loonie Farms Rescue Was Far From A Rescue Both organizations are located near each other in Southern Georgia, and both were allowed continue operation even after obvious signs of neglect were reported to Georgia […]

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SoCo Owner Bennett Threatens Donor for Asking Permit Status

By July 2011, SoCo had been under a “Stop Order” for 3 months, and the majority of the dogs had been rescued by other shelters where they were given much needed medical treatment.  SoCo was not allowed to do business, by order of the State of Georgia, so a Georgia resident who was familiar with […]

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