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Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

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The Mueller/Bennett SoCo Jealousy Theory

SoCo Rescue Owner Jeffrey Bennett and “Fundraiser” April Mueller have been desperately telling anyone who would listen about the vast conspiracy against them by people who are simply “jealous” of them. Both of them have harassed, slandered, threatened and defamed a growing list of people they claim are “liars” and part of the conspiracy of […]

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Bennett Makes Payment on Fine He Claims No Knowledge Of

SoCo owner Jeffrey Bennett clings to the odd and untrue story that his hoarding operation was shut down because of his stovetop fire, and the officials “just wanted to give him time to make repairs”. Anyone who has read the Revocation Order or the Consent Order knows this is pure nonsense. Not only are the […]

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SoCo Owner Bennett Threatens Donor for Asking Permit Status

By July 2011, SoCo had been under a “Stop Order” for 3 months, and the majority of the dogs had been rescued by other shelters where they were given much needed medical treatment.  SoCo was not allowed to do business, by order of the State of Georgia, so a Georgia resident who was familiar with […]

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The Questions Scott Bennett Refuses to Answer about Southern Comfort Rescue

In early April 2012, Bennett and Mueller hired Los Angeles attorney David Murphy to send a threatening letter demanding that the facts about the disastrous history of Southern Comfort Animal Rescue and Reality Rescue Festival be kept quiet because it might slow down the donation cash cow if donors knew the truth. Both Mueller and […]

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SoCo Rescue still “spinning” facts regarding Georgia STOP Order

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we’ve been falling behind in keeping this site current, so look for a lot of “catch-up articles”!  There will also be a couple more people coming on board to keep things current. There are a lot of animal lovers in Georgia and across the USA who have […]

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Mueller & Bennett hire attorney David Murphy to harrass SoCo Rescue Whistleblowers

The SoCo ‘Rescue’ owners absolutely hate it when people ask tough questions about their operation, such as ‘how many dogs are in your care now’, ‘why does the State of Georgia say your permit was suspended’ and the question that really sent them ballistic, ‘can I see a photo of your kennels‘. In the past […]

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Dogs at SoCo had little chance to escape. Only 35 of 100 listed for adoption.

SoCo Rescue Director Jeffrey Bennett has claimed that he did nothing wrong when hoarding over 100 dogs in early 2011, and that he’s “just trying to find good homes for the dogs”. The Web Archive tells a very different story.  On February 11, 2011 it captured a copy of Bennett’s website, clearly showing that he […]

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Meet Soco Director Jeffrey Bennett

When we first started looking into the background of “Scott Bennett”, as he’s been calling himself for the last few years, there weren’t any records found.  None.  Then we noticed he wasn’t signing “Scott”, using initials instead… that’s often a clue that someone’s using a fake name. Sure enough, it turns out that a “Jeffrey […]

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