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Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

Firefighter Reports from April 8 2011 Incident at SoCo

Written By: Detection - Feb• 28•12

4 fire departments responded to the April 8 2011 stove-top fire in Bennett’s home.  Each company filed a report, and noted the horrendous conditions the dogs were forced to live in.  They also noted that “over 100 dogs” were on the property that was licensed for a maximum of 70 dogs.  The SoCo website only listed 35 dogs available — this is typical of a hoarder, who prefers to keep the dogs in cages rather than have them adopted into a happy permanent home.

According to these reports, 30 to 40 dogs were kept inside the 950 sq ft home in horrible conditions, and another 30 to 40 dogs were kept in a trailer without ventilation and also ‘filled with feces’.

Both Bennett and Mueller have claimed that the only “inhumane conditions” were caused by the fire.  Read carefully the words of the Spring Hill firemen:

“Some things I would like to add in trying to describe the ugly scene… The yard on the outside had dog poop everywhere, also the house on the inside had dog poop everywhere.  the firefighters had it all over their gear and boots.  I had it on my boots, plus the odor was sickening. It was the nastiest home that I have ever been in, very unsanitary almost impossible to believe unless you would have been there.”





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