Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

The Mueller/Bennett SoCo Jealousy Theory

Written By: Detection - Sep• 06•12

SoCo Rescue Owner Jeffrey Bennett and “Fundraiser” April Mueller have been desperately telling anyone who would listen about the vast conspiracy against them by people who are simply “jealous” of them. Both of them have harassed, slandered, threatened and defamed a growing list of people they claim are “liars” and part of the conspiracy of jealousy against them.

Sure, there is a lot to be jealous of — 2 middle aged people with no career skills or job history, both living off family members with no assets of their own, both having trouble keeping their driver’s license, both spending all day every day on social media sites… with prize catches like these two, it’s hard not be to jealous, right?

We decided to list the people who, in the minds of April Mueller and Jeffrey Bennett, are so “jealous” of them that they have risked their jobs, reputation, and personal assets to “create lies” about Southern Comfort Rescue. Many of these people are hundreds of miles apart, have never met or contacted each other, yet have telepathically collaborated for this elaborate conspiracy.

David Gunter,
Attorney for State of Georgia
Created the Aug 16 2011 Revocation Order served on SoCo Aug 18 2011. Both Bennett and Mueller claimed to donors and reality stars that this document did not exist, and that Mr. Gunter is a liar.
Irene Sumner Donated mobile home to SoCo before parting ways with SoCo. She filed a formal report of the terrible conditions the dogs were forced to live in at SoCo, including the trailer she had donated. Because of this, she continues to be harassed by Bennett and “SoCo Supporters”.
Atlanta Humane Society (AHS),
Rescued over 50 dogs from SoCo
Bennett harassed several staff members Apr 2011 for saving dogs from SoCo after Bennett’s hoarding was exposed. At least 1 AHS employee resigned due to harassment by Bennett. AHS has blacklisted Bennett.
Atlanta Fox5 News,
Exposed Bennett as hoarder in news report
Bennett harassed news team and threatened to sue. Later both Mueller and Bennett made false claims they “retracted the story”. We contacted Fox5, they “stand by their story”.
Judy Sarullo,
Owner/Founder of, one of the most respected animal rescues in the USA
Sarullo agreed to accept 29 dogs from SoCo, and footed massive emergency vet bills because the dogs were sick, malnourished, and had no previous medical care. Nearly all had heartworms. One dog lost an eye, another could not be saved. Bennett never bothered to call to check on his “beloved” dogs, never even said ‘Thank You’. He did call a year later to threaten the rescue with a lawsuit if Judy didn’t keep quiet about the condition of the dogs from SoCo.
Dale Porter,
Angered Bennett by asking basic questions about SoCo, and asking to see photos of facilities. Bennett’s inability to answer basic questions led to discovery that SoCo ‘Rescue’ is actually a hoarding operation. Bennett & Mueller hired a lawyer to threaten whistleblower.
Anonymous SoCo Neighbor Filed a formal complaint 6/9/11 of “70 or more dogs buried on property, dogs running loose on property. Complaint resulted in inspection where mass dog graveyard was discovered, with no records for any dogs in the graveyard.
Barbara Bruigom,
Owns spay/neuter operation
Bruigom arranged transport for 29 dogs to Florida’s when SoCo was busted and Stop Order issued April 2011. Bennett made false claims that Bruigom was helping only to get a Petsmart grant that is only issued to rescue shelter. Bruigom does not operate a rescue shelter.
Kathy Bradford,
Local Newspaper Reporter
Received large volumes of harassing messages and death threat after publishing story in the local paper questioning Bennett’s claims about his ‘Alice in the Box’ story, and his collection of over $6,000 for a dog he never had possession of. Bennett hired a lawyer to harass Bradford.
Stan Sheppard,
Laurens County Animal Control
Mr. Sheppard filed a formal report describing the hoarding situation discovered at SoCo.
Caludia deGuzman,
Wheeler County Resident
Filed formal complaint with Animal Control against SoCo for Inhumane care of dogs, infections, lack of dental care, nails grown into feet. Complaints substantiated by inspection.
David Jones, Firefighter,
Chief of Alamo Volunteer Fire Department
Firefighter responded to Bennett’s stove-top fire, discovered hoarding situation, and submitted a formal report that resulted in a Stop Order.
Firefighter Eric Pearce,
Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department
Firefighter responded to Bennett’s stove-top fire, discovered hoarding situation, and submitted a formal report that resulted in a Stop Order.
Firefighter E Pickle,
Stuckey Volunteer Fire Department
Firefighter responded to Bennett’s stove-top fire, discovered hoarding situation, and submitted a formal report that resulted in a Stop Order.
Steve Adams, Firefighter,
Wheeler County EMA Director and Wheeler County Fire Department Firefighter
Firefighter responded to Bennett’s stove-top fire, discovered hoarding situation, and submitted a formal report that resulted in a Stop Order. Also noted fire stated with “pots on the stove, I think stove left on” as the cause of the fire, angering Bennett because this contradicts Bennett’s frequent claims at fundraisers and to rescue donors that it was “an electrical fire”.

This is only a partial list – some people have asked not to be listed to avoid continued harassment by Bennett and Mueller.

Bennett Makes Payment on Fine He Claims No Knowledge Of

Written By: Detection - Aug• 22•12

SoCo owner Jeffrey Bennett clings to the odd and untrue story that his hoarding operation was shut down because of his stovetop fire, and the officials “just wanted to give him time to make repairs”.

Anyone who has read the Revocation Order or the Consent Order knows this is pure nonsense.

Not only are the reasons spelled over several pages of each document – it was SoCo’s violations of shelter rules, inhumane conditions, and dead dogs in the back yard.

Obviously, Bennett has not been able to admit to the fine or disclose it to donors because it would show that his story of the state “helping him out after the fire” is pure nonsense.  His worst nightmare is proof that he’s actually paying on the fine.

Guess what the State of Georgia has sent us:

Installation Payment Of Fine by Jeffrey Bennett / SoCo Rescue




Loonie Farms & SoCo Rescue: Too Many Similarities To Ignore

Written By: Detection - Aug• 20•12

First, read about the massacre at Loonie Farms “Rescue”, then compare the situation there with the situation at SoCo “Rescue”.

  1. Both organizations are located near each other in Southern Georgia, and both were allowed continue operation even after obvious signs of neglect were reported to Georgia Dept of Agriculture, which oversees animal rescues.
  2. Both organizations are located on large parcels of property to help conceal the condition of the animals, and both organizations refuse entry to visitors wanting to see first-hand the condition of the animals. In July 2012, SoCo “supporter” Michael Allbright made a pre-announced visit to SoCo, and even he was not allowed to see the conditions inside the SoCo house and trailer.  After driving all the way to Georgia, he was only allowed to stand in the yard.  RED FLAG, anyone??
  3. Both organizations trolled online services daily (Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist) to make it appear that they are a legitimate rescue operation, and to solicit donors who will be unable to visit the rescue and too lazy to look up their history.
  4. Both organizations make the claim that they are a “legitimate rescue” because they have completed an IRS 501-c3.  Filing a form and paying a filing fee only proves that you filed a form and paid a filing fee — They do not do inspection our even care if the rescue is killing the dogs it’s collecting money to care for.  SoCo and Loonie Farms both seek donors that are uninformed and too lazy to actually read these documents, and become angry and threatening when the public points out that they are making false claims to donors.
  5. Both organizations claimed to be “saving” animals from local shelters, and frequently took animals from them.
  6. Both organizations were repeatedly reported to Animal Control for inhumane conditions by Georgia residents throughout 2011.
  7. Loonie Farms was operated by a man with a criminal record.  SoCo’s owner has been found to use 4 different names, often a telltale sign of a criminal past.  SoCo’s owner refused to answer the question “What is your real name” when asked via his lawyer.  Soco’s owners were also found guilty of charges by Animal Control a few years ago, which should have prevented them from obtaining a rescue permit from the State of Georgia.
  8. Both Loonie Farms and SoCo rescue continually post messages thanking people for their “trust”, and claiming to have the support of local law enforcement officials and politicians.  These messages seem to have the purpose of discouraging the public from looking up their criminal and abuse history.
  9. A Loonie Farms incident report filed on May 18th #201103017 stated that offenders were neglecting dogs, and stated the motive of the animal rescue was to “extort money from good hearted persons who genuinely care about the welfare of animals”.  SoCo also had an identical report filed by a neighbor, and continues to solicit donations without notifying the donors that they are on probation and have been fined significantly for inhumane conditions.
  10. Perhaps this similarity is MOST disturbing:  Georgia inspectors found large numbers of dead dogs and BOTH Loonie Farms and SoCo.  BOTH claimed they were from dogs that came in “in bad shape”.  BOTH mysteriously had no records for the dead dogs, as required by law, and BOTH were cited for failure to keep records.

SoCo ‘Rescue’ has already been shut down once (April 2011),  but is now “at capacity” again which is listed as 50 dogs. SoCo owners have continuously violated their permit restrictions, so it is very likely that they are back to 100+ dogs.  We already know from Judy Sarullo (from that the dogs at SoCo are not properly cared for, which explains the large cemetery on the property, and the lack of records for the dogs in the cemetery.

Why do the animals have to suffer and die at SoCo when so many people have already seen and reported what is going on there?  Are Georgia officials waiting for another Loonie Farms massacre?

April Mueller has already been charged and fined for Animal Control violations, and this could be Scott Bennett’s future:







SoCo Owner Bennett Threatens Donor for Asking Permit Status

Written By: Detection - Aug• 19•12

By July 2011, SoCo had been under a “Stop Order” for 3 months, and the majority of the dogs had been rescued by other shelters where they were given much needed medical treatment.  SoCo was not allowed to do business, by order of the State of Georgia, so a Georgia resident who was familiar with the situation was surprised to learn that they were having a fundraiser in Virginia, with NO warnings to donors that the operation had been shut down.  The potential donor emails event organizer April Mueller, who then apparently forwarded the email to Jeffrey Bennett.

Note that at the time Bennett sent this email, he had just been cited yet again for shelter violations, and just 3 weeks later his operations permit finally revoked.  Bennett is not only blatantly dishonest, he arrogantly bullies and threatens this woman.


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: SoCo Rescue
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 1:51 AM

 Ms. (REDACTED)…or whoever you really are,

Please be advised that Ms. Mueller has both received and forwarded to me your emails. It is now my personal pleasure to not only find out who you are, but why you are trying to discredit SoCo.

I would invite you to further investigate exactly why SoCo is under a “Stop Intake” order. It was not placed against us for any wrongdoing, as you are trying to insinuate, but because a portion of our home, used to house dogs that were in our rescue, was damaged in a fire. Since that area was damaged, it was deemed unsafe to house dogs. In the months since the fire, those areas of the house have been repaired to about 75% of their original state. The Ga. Dept of Agri has told us that when we feel we are ready to have the Stop Intake lifted to simply call them and our inspector will come out, access the repairs and most likely remove the stop Intake. 

Our DOA inspector, along with his supervisor, have both been to our home a number of times since the fire, seen the dogs that currently reside inside our home and have found no reason to levy any further restrictions against us or to prohibit our existing dogs from having access to and/or living inside our home. I do think that our inspector and his supervisor are both trained well enough to know if the current state of our home would be safe for animals to reside in.

I will advise you that both your first email has been forwarded to the proper authorities, as will your last message to Ms. Mueller. I, along with the authorities, question the validity of your email profile. We will find out one of two things: Who you really are or who is putting you up to sending these slanderous and accusatory emails. Your actions seriously border an act of libel, as you most definitely seek to discredit us with Ms. Mueller and The Reality Rescue. Serious legal action is about to be enacted against certain others who are trying, in vain, to do the same thing. If, in fact, you are a “little old lady from California”, I would strongly advise you to cease your attempts to discredit SoCo.

Ms. Mueller has been kept abreast to any and all developments, including having access to any and all DOA inspections, and has graciously continued her support of SoCo. The money raised from The Reality Rescue will be used to help in the rebuilding efforts of a new animal rescue facility for SoCo, which, in turn, will help us in our goal of saving and helping as many animals as we can. I have given my guarantee to Ms. Mueller that the new facility will be built. In fact, the rebuilding efforts are currently under way. For you to state otherwise is, in essence, accusing us of committing fraud. My attorney will not hesitate in adding your name to the list of people that he intends to file suit against for libel and malicious persecution.

If you are who I think you are, and not some little old lady, then my advice to you is to cease your attempts and seek legal council, as your papers will be forthcoming.

You have been forewarned.

Scott Bennett
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, Inc.
Glenwood, GA

The Questions Scott Bennett Refuses to Answer about Southern Comfort Rescue

Written By: Detection - May• 02•12

In early April 2012, Bennett and Mueller hired Los Angeles attorney David Murphy to send a threatening letter demanding that the facts about the disastrous history of Southern Comfort Animal Rescue and Reality Rescue Festival be kept quiet because it might slow down the donation cash cow if donors knew the truth.

Both Mueller and Bennett insisted to donors throughout the 2011 fundraising period that SoCo was legally operating, had no complaints, was a no-kill shelter, and the only problems there were an “electrical fire” that “burned down the rescue”.  Obviously, our posting of the Georgia Consent Order proves that they lied to donors on every issue, violating their non-profit charity filing.  Hiring a lawyer to make threats about exposing their lies is a desperate attempt to keep the donations flowing… but perhaps not as desperate as having a SoCo “supporter” leave a death threat on a reporter’s voice-mail.

While demanding that a news outlet stop reporting on the release of public documents about an organization running continuous fundraisers that bait donors with statements that are blatantly untrue is ridiculous in a free country (and makes us think that Mr. Murphy is not as intelligent as he claimed to be in this video), we tried to turn a negative into a positive.

From the beginning, we have sought the truth from both Mueller and Bennett, and instead of answering the most basic questions about Reality Rescue Festival and SoCo Rescue, they refused to answer, became rude and hostile, harassed us online, spread false rumors about our personal lives, contacted our employers to make slanderous statements and demand we be fired, and blocked us on social media.  No legitimate charity responds to questions in this manner – NONE.

In late April 2012, attorney David Murphy, which working in a professional capacity, directly contacted an employer who has nothing to do with the matter and made defamatory statements. Murphy has ignored repeated requests for a list of people he sent the email to — apparently he has a lot to hide.   Other attorneys I have spoken to have told me that such behavior is considered extremely unprofessional and uncalled for, and would quite possibly be cause for termination from any legitimate law firm.  Lucky for him his law firm is a solo act.

We certainly understand and agree that information published online should be as factual as possible, and if anything publish here is untrue, we wand to correct it immediately.  To that end, we sent a series of questions to Mr. Murphy’s clients, so that not only would they receive them, they would be reviewed by their attorney so their answers could be as direct, clear, and non-incriminating as possible.

What is your real name?  Have you ever introduced yourself, signed legal documents, held an ID in the name, or represented yourself with any of the following names:

a) Jeffrey Bennett

b) JS Bennett

c) Jeffrey Callaway

d) Scott Callaway



Did you sign a Consent Order with the Georgia Department of Agriculture in January 2012 which described numerous violations of your animal rescue permit, reports of a feces filled home by firefighters, and complaints of dozens of dead dogs by your neighbors?



On what date did you communicate to  Mueller that SoCo Rescue had been issued a ‘Stop Order‘, and how was this communicated to her (email, facebook message, voice call, letter, etc)?  If it was in written form, please provide a copy.  Did you communicate to Mueller that 2 separate complaints had been filed against SoCo in July and August 2011, and if so, what dates did those communications occur?



Have you, in any fundraising effort, stated that no other county shelter has accepted animals from Wheeler County?



How many dogs are buried on your back yard?  Please send a copy of the inventory, including cause of death and date of death.



You stated in April 2011 that you cannot provide a photo of your facilities because you ‘have no camera’.  A short time later, Terry Wolff, who claims to be your sister and also living at the residence reported that you “have several cameras”.  Did Terry Wolff lie, or did you lie?



How many lawyers have you hired in the last 3 years in attempts to stop others from revealing facts about SoCo to the media?


Do you know or associate in any way with any of the people named below?  If yes, how do you know them?

a) Linda Ouderkirk

b) Tamara Barnes

c) Willow Robb

d) Susan Klosterman

e) Bonnie Bissell

f) Kirk Bissell




Has Terry Wolff (your sister, who uses multiple spellings of her name) ever been found guilty of any charge by Animal Control?  Does she still work for SoCo?  Has she ever been fired from her employment for falsely reporting information regarding animal cruelty?


How much money did SoCo take in from:

a) The 2011 ‘Alice in a Box’ fundraisers?
b) The 2011 fundraiser?
c) “Reality Rescue Festival II”


Have you ever claimed in any fundraising effort that funds would be used to repair your kitchen?


Did you make the claim to ANY reality star, sponsor, or donor associated with ‘Reality Rescue Festival 2011’ that SoCo is open for business and allowed to accept animals?



As CFO of the corporation owning SoCo, a track record of financial responsibility is obviously important.  Have you ever filed bankruptcy, and if so, how many times?


Have you ever made the claim (to ANYONE) that the April 2011 ‘Stop Order’ was issued due to a fire, and NOT because of inhumane conditions found and formally noted by firefighters?



Have you or anyone in your organization made a death threat to any animal control official, or law enforcement officer, or media reporter?  Are you currently engaged in a legal dispute with and law enforcement officer?


Do you have any objection to a surprise inspection of SoCo facilities and property?



Have you or anyone associated with SoCo ever created a facebook group used for the purpose of posting defamatory remarks about Dale Porter, his personal life, or his family?  If no, are you willing to sign a consent agreement to allow facebook officials to perform a search of their systems, including all ‘deleted’ items, for evidence of such activity?



Have you ever made any threats to sue the Atlanta Humane Society, or any of its staff?



As you can see, we made every attempt to give Mr. Bennett (or whatever his real name is) the chance to clarify and comment on each issue.  Obviously, some of the answers are clear from public record, and Mr. Bennett can’t keep running from the facts if he admits to them.






SoCo Supporter attacks Georgia shelter

Written By: Detection - May• 01•12

Tamara Barnes is an Oregon based cat hoarder with 60 cats in her home (that she admits to).  She uses at least 2 names and at least 2 email addresses to pretend to be multiple ‘people’ online, and post how ‘wonderful’ SoCo Rescue is and post false and misleading statements about the SoCo Rescue in order to keep the cash from donors rolling in.

Barnes has also created multiple facebook accounts and set up facebook groups to harass anyone living near SoCo’s “shelter” who posts eyewitness accounts of the horrible conditions and sick dogs there.

Barnes was absolutely livid when we posted eyewitness statements from Firefighters, and the Georgia Consent Order shutting down SoCo from April 2011 to March 2012.

As far as anyone can tell, she’s never been to Georgia or met “Bennett”, or whatever name the SoCo owner is using today.

Our suspicions about SoCo escalated when we asked “Bennett” to provide a photo of the SoCo kennels on April 1 2011.  Bennett became abusive, refused to post ANY photos, and eventually blocked the account of anyone who dared ask for a photo of the kennel that he has been collecting donations to build for “over 10 years” according to him.  We now know, after Georgia shut them down and filed the report, that there is no kennel to this day.  Only a few wire cages, with no shelter from sun or rain, and most of the dogs are shoved into the “horrible” unventilated trailer home donated to them by Irene Summers (for free), or the feces-filled 950 sq ft house.

Tamara Barnes immediately began harassing us for asking for A PHOTO of SoCo, both via facebook and email.  Other Georgia locals also were on the receiving end of Barnes’ harassment.

How ironic that the very same person is now starting a petition to remove the most generous contributor ever to gift SoCo Rescue, and harass members of the shelter because “It has been a full year since this facility was asked to photograph all the animals in it’s care and to post them online. We have been met with rudeness, ignorance and hostility.  They continue to kill most of the animals that are so unfortunate to find themselves there.”  Again, SoCo is the “rescue” with 58 dogs rotting in the back yard, refusing to post photos for well over 1 year, and with THREE people who spend all day writing hate mail from multiple fake accounts.   The other SoCo supported has already had a death threat traced to her New York home.

Read for yourself the description that actually best describes high-kill ‘SoCo Rescue’, and the owner who has pocketed the tens of thousands of dollars contributed while the animals live in squalor:



Cash Hungry Southern Comfort Rescue has hand out yet again

Written By: Detection - Apr• 28•12

With 10 years of collecting money from donors and still not one humane shelter area built that’s not exposed to heat/cold/sun/mosquitoes, Southern Comfort is expanding efforts to cheat animal support donors into supporting the owners’ lifestyle while the dogs live in filth, suffer, and die.

SoCo now makes daily posts self-congratulating posts to keep the cash flow coming, and launches new online fundraisers every day.  Online fundraisers are great, because nobody can see the huge dog grave area, or smell the feces encrusted house and trailer the dogs are forced to live in.

Here is the latest cash-grab:

SoCo Rescue Caught Double-Dipping donations with Sponsored Dog

Written By: Detection - Apr• 26•12

An alert pet rescue volunteer sent us a tip about yet another SoCo fundraiser that raises eyebrows and quite possibly violates the terms of the IRS Charity certification.

SoCo has only been re-opened a few weeks, and recently had tens of thousands of dollars dumped upon them by the Virginia event “Reality Rescue Fundraiser”, yet the hand of greed is out yet again.

‘Salty’ is a dog from a rescue in Heard County, Franklin, Georgia. A majority of the dogs receiving helped from there come with sponsorship money to cover the costs of transport, medical care, and housing.  So, let’s follow the money trail.  Screenshots are being posted because SoCo has a practice of deleting their own info when we post links to proof of their wrongdoing.



If you read the comments, you’ll see that everything for this dog was already taken care of.

But wait, what’s THIS?





SoCo Rescue still “spinning” facts regarding Georgia STOP Order

Written By: Detection - Apr• 25•12

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we’ve been falling behind in keeping this site current, so look for a lot of “catch-up articles”!  There will also be a couple more people coming on board to keep things current.

There are a lot of animal lovers in Georgia and across the USA who have contacted us with information about SoCo, and thank you for that.  The owners of SoCo seem to be online all day, every day making up new sales pitches to bring in donors, and deleting and blocking anything exposes their lies and fabrications to potential donors.  This week, they again resorted to hiring a lawyer to threaten whistler-blowers, and again they failed.

Please keep the information coming, and we’ll get it posted as soon as we get it verified!

This was sent in from a reality star who participated in ‘Reality Rescue Festival 2011’ but doesn’t want to be named due to April Mueller’s track record of harassment.

We’re told this was posted in SoCo’s facebook group, and shows that Bennett (if that is his real name) is trying desperately to hide the fact that SoCo was closed from April 2011 to March 2012 due to inhumane conditions discovered by firefighters in April 2011, complaints of inhumane treatment of animals in the summer of 2011, permit violations including failure to keep records, and ignoring the stop order, as detailed in the Consent Order from the State of Georgia.

So all of that was a “license renewal”, huh?  I wonder if the people in the photo know about the mass grave in the back yard, or the health problems of dogs taken from SoCo. If anyone in Georgia know that couple, please have them contact us or point them to this website.

We also have to wonder what businesses were told who made donations, and whether they are aware that the shelter has been severely fined and is currently on probation.  And since there are STILL no kennels on the property — just wire cages (some now with tarps) and a feces filled house and trailer, where did all of the money go that was raised by reality stars at Reality Rescue Festival 2012?  It seems to have “vanished”.


And finally, this would be somewhat amusing if it wasn’t related to an inhumane shelter.  You may have already read how SoCo “supporters” have turned out to be fake accounts tied directly to SoCo, and the death threat left on voicemail by a “SoCo Supporter” was traced back to a small town in New York.  We’ve learned that fake email accounts and fake facebook accounts are commonly used to make SoCo seem “legit” to donors.

It seems that paranoia is setting in with SoCo, and now they thing others are using their same trick against them.  Check out their recent post:

I wonder how “Willow Robb” feels about that?  (It’s one of the fake SoCo accounts on facebook we uncovered).






Mueller & Bennett hire attorney David Murphy to harrass SoCo Rescue Whistleblowers

Written By: Detection - Apr• 23•12

The SoCo ‘Rescue’ owners absolutely hate it when people ask tough questions about their operation, such as ‘how many dogs are in your care now’, ‘why does the State of Georgia say your permit was suspended’ and the question that really sent them ballistic, ‘can I see a photo of your kennels‘.

In the past Bennett has hired lawyers to sent threats to various agencies and reports to silence them from spreading the word about the horrible conditions at SoCo, and it seems he’s giving that another try, and has teamed up with his money provider, April Mueller in this effort.


The whistle-blowers here at have received via email a letter from Mr. Murphy’s law office that is essentially a “demand of silence”, and that we “delete all content” all this website because it’s “disparaging and derogatory” to his clients.

Personally, I think having 58 (probably far more) dead dogs rotting in my back yard and dozens more living in their own feces with infections while pocketing money donated for them would be “disparaging and derogatory”, but Mr. Murphy and I will have to disagree on that point.

Mr. Murphy is an interesting choice for delivery of this threat.  He is a former Survivor cast member, and as far as we know, he declined to attend Reality Rescue Festival 2011, but did communicate with us regarding the participation of Ryan Allen Carrillo and Kaylani Paliotta after they posted a series of insults about the whistle-blowers.  We offered to personally meet with Mr. Murphy when he asked us to stop defending ourselves from the false and defamatory statements posted online, but he failed to respond.  This incident will be further detailed in an upcoming post.

Mr. Murphy seems to be very upset with the documents released by Georgia Department of Agriculture, the 4 Georgia firefighters who made formal statements about the conditions they witnessed at SoCo, and the statements from the Virginia Department of Agriculture.  He’ll have to sue them all — I guess he’s up for a multi-year, full time battle that he will not win.

We’ve responded to Mr. Murphy with a series of questions for both of his clients, April Mueller and “Scott Bennett”, or whatever name he is going by these days.  We’ve asked for a response by Wednesday April 25, so we’ll report the responses when we get them.


We’ve received a great deal of new information about SoCo in the past few weeks, and we’ll share what we are allowed to as time allows.   This not over by any means, we WILL continue to investigate where the donation money from ‘Reality Rescue Festival 2011’ went, and try to get it to the people who actually saved dogs FROM SoCo.

Do you have questions that you would like to ask April Mueller or “Scott Bennett” through their attorney?  Send them to us at and we’ll pass them along.

Document: Attorney David Murphy Threat to SoCo Whistle-blowers

Charges filed in ‘Vancouver Dog Slaughter Case’; SoCo should be Worried.

Written By: Detection - Apr• 22•12

Charges laid for mass slaughter of Whistler sled dogs in 2010

“The approval of charges is a huge step towards justice for the sled dogs who lost their lives, said Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).”

 This case involves 54 dead dogs buried in the back yard, and has gained worldwide attention.  SoCo admits to 58 dead dogs… Scott Bennett needs to be worried.  VERY worried.
I sure hope Scott’s attorney David Murphy got his fees up front, he’s got a lot of work ahead of him.
I wonder if Scott Bennett tied down the dogs when he killed them, as described in this manual?


SoCo begging for even more money… where does it all go?

Written By: Detection - Apr• 21•12

Just months after making a windfall on from reality stars at the ‘Reality Rescue Festival’, SoCo owners are begging for money once again.

With all of the money collected over the “10 years of operation” and yet still nothing more for the dogs than a wire cage and a mass graveyard, one has to wonder where all of that money has gone.

BTW, that’s a rather nice boat the “rescue”owners have in their yard, parked over by the mass graves.

More Mueller Lies Exposed – the Invitation

Written By: Detection - Apr• 19•12

April Mueller’s list of lies regarding her fundraiser is extensive and ever-evolving, but one that we’ve heard consistently is that she has told anyone who could listen that the reports of dead and sick dogs and horrible conditions at SoCo were “made up by a photographer who is jealous that he was not invited to the event”.

Just in case anyone thinks Mueller tells the truth about ANYTHING, here is a screenshot of the THREE invitations sent to that photographer for Reality Rescue II.


Statement by Judy’s Pet Rescue – the group that SAVED dogs from SoCo’s graveyard

Written By: Detection - Apr• 11•12

The statement below is from the owner of the rescue that took in approximately 30 of the dogs taken from the April 2011 bust of “SoCo Rescue”, shortly before SoCo was shut down by the authorities for inhumane conditions.  SoCo owner Scott Bennett has made frequent claims that these dogs were “happy and healthy”, and failed to tell potential donors that his dogs had been taken from him and were cared for by organizations such as Pet Rescue by Judy.

When we called Ms. Sarullo in March 2012 to see if she received the donations collected by April Mueller and the “Reality Rescue Festival” event held October 2011, she told us that she was completely unaware that a fundraiser had been held “for the doggies of SoCo”, and that she had “not received one cent” from Mueller’s event. In fact, was stuck with thousands of dollars in vet bills because many of the dogs required “emergency medical care”.

She was shocked and disgusted that reality TV stars would take part in putting such a despicable person back in business.

She also told us that NONE of the dogs had fire related injuries.

Ms. Sarullo also sent us the following statement for publication:


My name is  Judy Sarullo from Pet Rescue by Judy.


I was totally taken advantage by “SoCo Rescue” group  Ga. and  The Humane Society in that area that stated they would help me get $10,000.00 to help with all the cost I incurred taking the dogs.  I did not take the dogs because they said they would give me money, what angers me is all the lies.


I have heard so many different stories about this fraud.  People are afraid to go after the SoCo people because of who they know.


I took the dogs as all other animals to save rehabilitate and find them forever homes.  The animals I received were 95% heartworm positive, not spayed or neutered, underweight, skin, ear, eye infections.


If this was a rescue they should be jailed for animal abuse and cruelty.


Pet Rescue by Judy came to the rescue and saved many dogs from Scott Bennett’s massive backyard graveyard at SoCo Rescue.  This organization spent a lot of money on medical care due to the neglect at SoCo. 

They weren’t invited to the “party in Virginia”, and the funds collected by Reality Rescue Festival never made it to the group that saved the dogs.

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