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Bennett Makes Payment on Fine He Claims No Knowledge Of

Written By: Detection - Aug• 22•12

SoCo owner Jeffrey Bennett clings to the odd and untrue story that his hoarding operation was shut down because of his stovetop fire, and the officials “just wanted to give him time to make repairs”.

Anyone who has read the Revocation Order or the Consent Order knows this is pure nonsense.

Not only are the reasons spelled over several pages of each document – it was SoCo’s violations of shelter rules, inhumane conditions, and dead dogs in the back yard.

Obviously, Bennett has not been able to admit to the fine or disclose it to donors because it would show that his story of the state “helping him out after the fire” is pure nonsense.  His worst nightmare is proof that he’s actually paying on the fine.

Guess what the State of Georgia has sent us:

Installation Payment Of Fine by Jeffrey Bennett / SoCo Rescue




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