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Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

Mueller & Bennett hire attorney David Murphy to harrass SoCo Rescue Whistleblowers

Written By: Detection - Apr• 23•12

The SoCo ‘Rescue’ owners absolutely hate it when people ask tough questions about their operation, such as ‘how many dogs are in your care now’, ‘why does the State of Georgia say your permit was suspended’ and the question that really sent them ballistic, ‘can I see a photo of your kennels‘.

In the past Bennett has hired lawyers to sent threats to various agencies and reports to silence them from spreading the word about the horrible conditions at SoCo, and it seems he’s giving that another try, and has teamed up with his money provider, April Mueller in this effort.


The whistle-blowers here at have received via email a letter from Mr. Murphy’s law office that is essentially a “demand of silence”, and that we “delete all content” all this website because it’s “disparaging and derogatory” to his clients.

Personally, I think having 58 (probably far more) dead dogs rotting in my back yard and dozens more living in their own feces with infections while pocketing money donated for them would be “disparaging and derogatory”, but Mr. Murphy and I will have to disagree on that point.

Mr. Murphy is an interesting choice for delivery of this threat.  He is a former Survivor cast member, and as far as we know, he declined to attend Reality Rescue Festival 2011, but did communicate with us regarding the participation of Ryan Allen Carrillo and Kaylani Paliotta after they posted a series of insults about the whistle-blowers.  We offered to personally meet with Mr. Murphy when he asked us to stop defending ourselves from the false and defamatory statements posted online, but he failed to respond.  This incident will be further detailed in an upcoming post.

Mr. Murphy seems to be very upset with the documents released by Georgia Department of Agriculture, the 4 Georgia firefighters who made formal statements about the conditions they witnessed at SoCo, and the statements from the Virginia Department of Agriculture.  He’ll have to sue them all — I guess he’s up for a multi-year, full time battle that he will not win.

We’ve responded to Mr. Murphy with a series of questions for both of his clients, April Mueller and “Scott Bennett”, or whatever name he is going by these days.  We’ve asked for a response by Wednesday April 25, so we’ll report the responses when we get them.


We’ve received a great deal of new information about SoCo in the past few weeks, and we’ll share what we are allowed to as time allows.   This not over by any means, we WILL continue to investigate where the donation money from ‘Reality Rescue Festival 2011’ went, and try to get it to the people who actually saved dogs FROM SoCo.

Do you have questions that you would like to ask April Mueller or “Scott Bennett” through their attorney?  Send them to us at and we’ll pass them along.

Document: Attorney David Murphy Threat to SoCo Whistle-blowers

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