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SoCo Owner Bennett Threatens Donor for Asking Permit Status

Written By: Detection - Aug• 19•12

By July 2011, SoCo had been under a “Stop Order” for 3 months, and the majority of the dogs had been rescued by other shelters where they were given much needed medical treatment.  SoCo was not allowed to do business, by order of the State of Georgia, so a Georgia resident who was familiar with the situation was surprised to learn that they were having a fundraiser in Virginia, with NO warnings to donors that the operation had been shut down.  The potential donor emails event organizer April Mueller, who then apparently forwarded the email to Jeffrey Bennett.

Note that at the time Bennett sent this email, he had just been cited yet again for shelter violations, and just 3 weeks later his operations permit finally revoked.  Bennett is not only blatantly dishonest, he arrogantly bullies and threatens this woman.


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: SoCo Rescue
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 1:51 AM

 Ms. (REDACTED)…or whoever you really are,

Please be advised that Ms. Mueller has both received and forwarded to me your emails. It is now my personal pleasure to not only find out who you are, but why you are trying to discredit SoCo.

I would invite you to further investigate exactly why SoCo is under a “Stop Intake” order. It was not placed against us for any wrongdoing, as you are trying to insinuate, but because a portion of our home, used to house dogs that were in our rescue, was damaged in a fire. Since that area was damaged, it was deemed unsafe to house dogs. In the months since the fire, those areas of the house have been repaired to about 75% of their original state. The Ga. Dept of Agri has told us that when we feel we are ready to have the Stop Intake lifted to simply call them and our inspector will come out, access the repairs and most likely remove the stop Intake. 

Our DOA inspector, along with his supervisor, have both been to our home a number of times since the fire, seen the dogs that currently reside inside our home and have found no reason to levy any further restrictions against us or to prohibit our existing dogs from having access to and/or living inside our home. I do think that our inspector and his supervisor are both trained well enough to know if the current state of our home would be safe for animals to reside in.

I will advise you that both your first email has been forwarded to the proper authorities, as will your last message to Ms. Mueller. I, along with the authorities, question the validity of your email profile. We will find out one of two things: Who you really are or who is putting you up to sending these slanderous and accusatory emails. Your actions seriously border an act of libel, as you most definitely seek to discredit us with Ms. Mueller and The Reality Rescue. Serious legal action is about to be enacted against certain others who are trying, in vain, to do the same thing. If, in fact, you are a “little old lady from California”, I would strongly advise you to cease your attempts to discredit SoCo.

Ms. Mueller has been kept abreast to any and all developments, including having access to any and all DOA inspections, and has graciously continued her support of SoCo. The money raised from The Reality Rescue will be used to help in the rebuilding efforts of a new animal rescue facility for SoCo, which, in turn, will help us in our goal of saving and helping as many animals as we can. I have given my guarantee to Ms. Mueller that the new facility will be built. In fact, the rebuilding efforts are currently under way. For you to state otherwise is, in essence, accusing us of committing fraud. My attorney will not hesitate in adding your name to the list of people that he intends to file suit against for libel and malicious persecution.

If you are who I think you are, and not some little old lady, then my advice to you is to cease your attempts and seek legal council, as your papers will be forthcoming.

You have been forewarned.

Scott Bennett
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, Inc.
Glenwood, GA

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