Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

SoCo Rescue still “spinning” facts regarding Georgia STOP Order

Written By: Detection - Apr• 25•12

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we’ve been falling behind in keeping this site current, so look for a lot of “catch-up articles”!  There will also be a couple more people coming on board to keep things current.

There are a lot of animal lovers in Georgia and across the USA who have contacted us with information about SoCo, and thank you for that.  The owners of SoCo seem to be online all day, every day making up new sales pitches to bring in donors, and deleting and blocking anything exposes their lies and fabrications to potential donors.  This week, they again resorted to hiring a lawyer to threaten whistler-blowers, and again they failed.

Please keep the information coming, and we’ll get it posted as soon as we get it verified!

This was sent in from a reality star who participated in ‘Reality Rescue Festival 2011’ but doesn’t want to be named due to April Mueller’s track record of harassment.

We’re told this was posted in SoCo’s facebook group, and shows that Bennett (if that is his real name) is trying desperately to hide the fact that SoCo was closed from April 2011 to March 2012 due to inhumane conditions discovered by firefighters in April 2011, complaints of inhumane treatment of animals in the summer of 2011, permit violations including failure to keep records, and ignoring the stop order, as detailed in the Consent Order from the State of Georgia.

So all of that was a “license renewal”, huh?  I wonder if the people in the photo know about the mass grave in the back yard, or the health problems of dogs taken from SoCo. If anyone in Georgia know that couple, please have them contact us or point them to this website.

We also have to wonder what businesses were told who made donations, and whether they are aware that the shelter has been severely fined and is currently on probation.  And since there are STILL no kennels on the property — just wire cages (some now with tarps) and a feces filled house and trailer, where did all of the money go that was raised by reality stars at Reality Rescue Festival 2012?  It seems to have “vanished”.


And finally, this would be somewhat amusing if it wasn’t related to an inhumane shelter.  You may have already read how SoCo “supporters” have turned out to be fake accounts tied directly to SoCo, and the death threat left on voicemail by a “SoCo Supporter” was traced back to a small town in New York.  We’ve learned that fake email accounts and fake facebook accounts are commonly used to make SoCo seem “legit” to donors.

It seems that paranoia is setting in with SoCo, and now they thing others are using their same trick against them.  Check out their recent post:

I wonder how “Willow Robb” feels about that?  (It’s one of the fake SoCo accounts on facebook we uncovered).






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