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Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

SoCo Supporter attacks Georgia shelter

Written By: Detection - May• 01•12

Tamara Barnes is an Oregon based cat hoarder with 60 cats in her home (that she admits to).  She uses at least 2 names and at least 2 email addresses to pretend to be multiple ‘people’ online, and post how ‘wonderful’ SoCo Rescue is and post false and misleading statements about the SoCo Rescue in order to keep the cash from donors rolling in.

Barnes has also created multiple facebook accounts and set up facebook groups to harass anyone living near SoCo’s “shelter” who posts eyewitness accounts of the horrible conditions and sick dogs there.

Barnes was absolutely livid when we posted eyewitness statements from Firefighters, and the Georgia Consent Order shutting down SoCo from April 2011 to March 2012.

As far as anyone can tell, she’s never been to Georgia or met “Bennett”, or whatever name the SoCo owner is using today.

Our suspicions about SoCo escalated when we asked “Bennett” to provide a photo of the SoCo kennels on April 1 2011.  Bennett became abusive, refused to post ANY photos, and eventually blocked the account of anyone who dared ask for a photo of the kennel that he has been collecting donations to build for “over 10 years” according to him.  We now know, after Georgia shut them down and filed the report, that there is no kennel to this day.  Only a few wire cages, with no shelter from sun or rain, and most of the dogs are shoved into the “horrible” unventilated trailer home donated to them by Irene Summers (for free), or the feces-filled 950 sq ft house.

Tamara Barnes immediately began harassing us for asking for A PHOTO of SoCo, both via facebook and email.  Other Georgia locals also were on the receiving end of Barnes’ harassment.

How ironic that the very same person is now starting a petition to remove the most generous contributor ever to gift SoCo Rescue, and harass members of the shelter because “It has been a full year since this facility was asked to photograph all the animals in it’s care and to post them online. We have been met with rudeness, ignorance and hostility.  They continue to kill most of the animals that are so unfortunate to find themselves there.”  Again, SoCo is the “rescue” with 58 dogs rotting in the back yard, refusing to post photos for well over 1 year, and with THREE people who spend all day writing hate mail from multiple fake accounts.   The other SoCo supported has already had a death threat traced to her New York home.

Read for yourself the description that actually best describes high-kill ‘SoCo Rescue’, and the owner who has pocketed the tens of thousands of dollars contributed while the animals live in squalor:



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