Reality Rescue Festival – EXPOSED

Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

SoCo Fundraising

Written By: Detection

SoCo Fundraising & Donations Exposed

Despite the fact that most everything is donated to Southern Comfort ‘Rescue’,  and no humane kennels have even been built, they collect a large amount of money by running multiple simultaneous fundraisers.  These fundraisers continued throughout 2011, while SoCo had been shut down by authorities due to “inhumane conditions” initially reported by 4 different firefighters.

After “over 10 years of operation” (according to Bennett),  the shelter is described by eyewitnesses as a “disgusting slum” where dogs are forced to live in 1) a few dirty outdoor cages with no shade or weather protection, 2) A donated trailer and 3) a 950 sq ft house “filled with feces and urine” and containing “over 30” loose dogs.  When specifically cited, Bennett stated he “was looking for a tarp to cover the wire cages”… despite the huge amounts of money he had already collected for the care of the dogs.  It’s not hard to figure out why there are at least 58 dogs dogs on the property, and why Bennett refuses to show any photos of the facilities.

Note that none of the solicitations for money warn potential donors that SoCo rescue was CLOSED by a Stop Order in April 2011 and REVOCATION ORDER in August 2011.
 Goal: $20,000  Raised: $6,737
 "Devastating Fire at Southern Comfort Animal Rescue 4/8/11"
 "The house is unlivable. Power and water have been shut off.
 In addition to this ChipIn, we are searching for donated
 mobile housing. They are in desperate need of temporary
 foster homes."
 (Per firefighter reports, the fire was cause by OWNER, and damaged only a small part of the PRIVATE RESIDENCE, not the "rescue".  Owners continued to live there  after the fire. Shelter was BUSTED by authorities  4/13/11 and dogs taken to 4 other shelters in  "very poor medical condition" from living in "large quantities of feces". )


(SoCo gets a percentage of sales)

Goal: $2,000 Raised: $735
“General Fund”

FundRazr: Salty needs vet care for mange

Goal: $130 Raised: $100 (This dog’s vet bill was pre-paid by a sponsor; this should raise red flags to donors)

“Legal Fund for Alice, the Dog in a Box”
Goal: $2000  Raised: $4,913
(SoCo is trying to hide this one, XML remains.  SoCo took in nearly $5,000 for a dog that was NEVER in their possession… so where did the money go?)


DIRECT PAYPAL SOLICITATIONS FROM BLOGS & WEBSITES: This likely took in large donations from the nonsense story about ‘Alice in the Box’ airing in 2011, a story that was proven bogus yet he milked the fake story for over a year.


And of course the “big one” Reality Rescue Fundraiser 2011 with a goal of $50,000 which was reportedly met and April Mueller herself publicly declared the festival a “success”.  The number we heard was $55,000.


Grand total : $68,000 (not counting the direct contributions)
And still the dogs live in filth.  The ones that are still alive, that is.
There are likely many, many more fundraisers out there for SoCo, this was just the result of a quick search.  If you find more, please send them to us at